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Dena Morris

Owner/Jewelry Designer, Dena’s Jewelry Box

Dena was born in Michigan and moved to Poughkeepsie, NY as a child where she met her husband Jeff and was married in 1989. Dena holds degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and creative ambitions. In 1991, Dena and Jeff moved to Raleigh, NC where they still live today. 

After playing around with watercolor painting and other art forms, Dena started making jewelry for herself and friends in 2007 and quickly took to the techniques and the enjoyment of having a creative outlet. One of Dena’s skills has always been a perfect eye for color matching and this has helped tremendously in her jewelry making. All of the pendants and earrings she makes are one of a kind designs utilizing sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones with the goal of letting nature’s beauty shine through as much as possible. Each stone is handpicked based on photos from various lapidaries.  

While Dena continued to hone her skills at jewelry making, she worked full time as the CEO and Founder of a specialty travel company named Partners In Team Travel LLC which she founded in 2005. In 2011 Dena started to sell her jewelry at craft fairs and festivals and found a strong interest in the unique nature of her designs. At the beginning of 2012 Dena left the day to day operations at Partners In Team Travel to focus 100% of her time on her jewelry business which continues to grow at a great pace. 

In addition to her husband Jeff and her jewelry designing, Dena’s passions are travel, cooking and fine wine.